Kids Krav Maga

Looking for your child to learn an activity that will not only build their confidence, discipline and self-esteem; but will teach them real-life self-defense techniques that can keep them safe? Our Kids Krav Maga program will improve their focus, teach them to defend themselves and most importantly; they will have FUN while doing it. For more information, read below and get started today! See you on the mat!


Want your child to have the confidence to stand up to bullies? Stand up for what they believe in? Get better grades in school? Let our Children’s Character Development program help.

Our Kids Krav Maga program will not only build your child’s confidence, but give them the tools and skills they need to stand up for themselves in a real-life situation. If you’re tired of low stances and blocks that don’t work in real life, then you will LOVE our Krav Maga training for kids!

No strange movements. No funny noises. No nonsense. Learn the art of Krav Maga today.


Kids Krav Maga

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