Taunton Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In July


Kids Are Crazy About Our Martial Arts Program!

At Lima's Tae Kwon-Do in Taunton MA, your child will have fun learning something new. They will learn essential life skills and build character, PLUS get in the best physical, mental and spiritual shape of their life!

Along side strong martial arts lessons taught by our excellent Kids Karate instructors, every student will learn the importance of respect, self-discipline, perseverance, self-defense, and confidence. Every one of Lima's Tae Kwon-Do's Kids Karate students will make friends and learn important aspects from our unique martial arts curriculum. 

We Offer 3 Distinct Age-Appropriate Groups:

  • Little Dragons (Ages 3 to 4 yrs)

Lima's Tae Kwon-Do's Little Dragons classes promote a positive attitude and is taught by instructors who teach discipline and good behavior.

  • The Rangers (Ages 5 & 6)

Our Rangers program will teach students more traditional Tae Kwon-Do in a fun and effective way.

  • Young Adult (Ages 6 to 12)

The Third group offered for kids is our Young Adult class which is for students ages 7 through 12. This class is based around teaching your child to be a leader in today's world.

Teach Your Child to DO and BE their BEST!

Our kid-qualified instructors know how to connect with each child on a personal level. Even with large classes, students get the individual attention and immediate feedback they deserve.

We will help your son or daughter to condition their mind, as well as their body and spirit. Using positive coaching and goal oriented achievement training, your child will set realistic goals, and work hard to achieve academic excellence and Karate success.

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Benefits of Kids Martial Arts

  • Self Control and Self Discipline
  • Self Defense Maneuvers
  • Manners and Respect for Themselves and Others
  • Goal Setting and Achieving Skills
  • Balance and Fitness
  • Coordination and Focus

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