Adults Krav Maga

Are you looking for the best self-defense training available? Look no further than Alpha Krav Maga for the most realistic street self-defense that will help you to develop the skills you need to keep yourself and your family safe. With group classes, as well as private lessons offered; we have something for everyone. Don’t put your safety on hold…get started today by clicking the link below and we’ll see you on the mat!


Are you looking for the best self-defense training available? We empower student learning by offering group classes, private lessons and customized small group training with the goal of expediting individual’s growth and success!

Society is getting more violent and the ability to protect oneself, family members and friends has become almost required.  We offer the best Krav Maga techniques that are proven and reality tested by 7th Dan Black Belt and AKMI owner, Sam Sade.

John Lima, Chief Instructor, offers group classes, as well as private and small group private lessons. Talk directly to him about your self-defense training needs, availability and how to get an introduction right away!

The best part about what we offer is that you get a combination of self-defense skills, the best Alpha Krav Maga International techniques combined with teaching mastery…while having fun in a safe, yet realistic set of training environments (we train indoors and outdoors).

If you are not interested in group classes and do want more personalized attention, we are your answer for real skills that work, elite Krav Maga techniques and the highest level of coaching.

Adults Krav Maga

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