“One of the best instructors I’ve had in my life!”

“I love coming to class! Classes are awesome and fun!”

“Master Lima is an amazing instructor. I’ve taken martial arts before, and I wasn’t aware of the bad habits I had created. Thank you for teaching me the right way Master Lima!”

“Lima’s Tae Kwon Do is an amazing school for your children….no matter the age. Mr. LiMa’s patience and guidance with all ages is inspiring. My daughter’s have benefited from his classes in so many ways. He always takes school home and the outside life events into his lessons. constantly making them aware of the benefits of self defense but also the alternative to fighting. My little one has taken a break but as my 13 year old approaches her black belt.. Learning about strength and dedication has made her so motivated in all that she does! Her focus, determination, confidence and strength have grown so much throughout this course that I am amazed by her everyday! It’s her hard work and love for this art and encouragement from Master Lima that has gotten her this close to her black belt we could have never gotten here without Mr. Lima!!! We thank you!!!”

“Master Lima provides understanding and knowledge of Tae Kwon Do to his students in a manner which even the youngest of students admire and follow his instruction with respect and admiration. His students excel in their education of Tae Kwon Do and is an inspiration for what lays ahead for my 5 year old daughter, who just joined his studio. Looking forward to watching her journey with Master Lima.”

“Master Lima is an awesome teacher. He is amazing with the kids. He is very inspiring and cares and it shows. I would recommend Lima’s Tae Kwon Do 100% for adults and children. My daughter loves this class and it’s affordable.”

“This school thrives off it’s students. The owner and instructors come off the mat between every class to talk to the parents and other students. They are very involved with their students and know every single student by name right away!”

“I realized what I didn’t know and have started empowering myself with awesome skills, thanks!”

“What every woman should know, he explains situations, response moves in a way that is easy to understand and fun!”

“Very positive, upbeat and practical. You can learn a lot in a short amount of time”

“Master Lima and his whole staff are great role models for children of all ages and gender. He stresses core values of respect and self improvement. The staff has the patience and experience to motivate and guide even the youngest of students to take it to the next level. Our daughter has grown up over all her years here and we are proud of her Advancements”

“My son and daughter have been attending Lima’s Tae-Kwon-Do for 4 years. They love going to class! Mr. Lima has been teaching men, women and children for many years. He has tremendous patience with the children. He is an excellent martial arts and self defense instructor, but it is his other attributes that make him an excellent role model for the children.”

“I bring my twin grandchildren Morgan & Jason Souza there for karate classes. I think it is a great place for children to learn karate. I have met a lot of great people there.”

“What an amazing place to learn! I enjoy each and every class and look forward to my future growth.”



“Great guy, very passionate, he is teaching a program that could save lives.”

“He’s funny! Great instructor, tells it like it is.”

“Amazing. Extremely knowledgeable.”

“Great with his communication and demonstration of techniques”

“Very charismatic and informative.”

“He truly knows his stuff and cares.”

“He is very professional.  He cares a lot about what he does and it is obvious.  He’s very personable and does a great job teaching.”

“This program is empowering”



“Very informative and energetic.  Useful information for every woman to have”

“Well worth the time and money, do it has it helps prepare you for real life situations!”

“Great to have the elevator plus the red man plus the partnering defense information”

“Creative learning environment, enthusiastic instruction, emphasizes the mental aspect of safety”

“Amazing, I  feel empowered!”

“Honest, humble, good at what he does”

“Awesome and thorough, take it!!”

“Great instruction, great to be prepared”

“Humble, very informative, he knows what he is saying and doing”

“Do this program, it could save your life!”

MORE TESTIMONIALS / Self-Defense training with Master Lima

“I could not say anything but great things about Mr.Lima and his staff! My daughter is 3 and she absolutely loves going!! Couldn’t be happier with the dedication and patience they all provide.”

“Master Lima and his staff are incredibly patient, educated, and disciplined. Our son is improving so much and loving every minute of it. We can’t wait to enroll our youngest song as well. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn!”

“Mr.Lima is the real deal.. Great teacher. Highly respected in the martial arts world. Honored ,sir!”

“Master Lima is super professional. My son is 3 and hyper- active, Master Lima has no issues getting him to listen. He’s fair, easy going, but sticks to his guns. All the kids I’ve seen love the class. Many children become friends and I’ve seen children breakout of their shell.
The atmosphere is clean, warm, and very inviting. Respect is a central theme and it shows. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. Master Lima interacts with all the children and everyone gets a chance, nobody is left out.
There is always something new and exciting going on at the studio. Parents can watch from a very spacious viewing area how their children grow with Lima’s Taekwondo. It’s worth every penny and will be my school when I’m able to. I’ve attended numerous Taekwondo schools and can confidently say Lima’s is by far the best by far.”

“No question Master Lima is a one of a kind instructor. He is amazing with Kids and Always makes sure that they are paying attention!!!”

“I am now very confident and I feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This was a great experience.”

More prepared, less scared, confident. I feel better prepared for real life situations.  I want to tell others what I learned and would come again to learn more.”

“I really liked learning and practicing the techniques and my favorite part was the fake fight (red man) because I could apply the techniques and I liked dealing with the adrenaline rush. It feels good knowing I can defend myself.”

“Fun, interesting, enlightening, made me feel safe, made me want to try martial arts, satisfying.”

“It was great! I know some techniques and skills needed to defend myself.”

“Loved the talking, empowerment portion, talk on bullying”

“I learned a lot of useful stuff I can use in the future to help me be more safe, thanks!”

“He made the skills easy to learn but still fun and challenging. We learned lots of different defenses, not just one.”

“Everything was about defense (S.A.F.E.) not attacking”

“The class made me feel a little bit safer, especially if something bad happens”

I learned a lot of useful information and the demonstrations showed how the skills were not hard to perform.”

“I thought that the mentality of raising awareness, your life is worth it and your life is on the line is important! And I think that it is great men and women now can really benefit from these types of classes. Thank you.”

Accountability. Dedication. Determination. ARE YOU READY?